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Low Court of Australia

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Mystery Hour


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The Australian legal system has the High Court, the Supreme Court, and the County Court to keep the wheels of justice turning.  Matt & Alex preside over the Low Court of Australia - the perfect place to air grievances of a more trivial nature. No claim is too petty for the Low Court of Australia.  Decisions are final and legally binding*

*not really

Do you have a crumb in your life?  A person guilty of some seriously crumby behaviour?  Why not nominate them for Matt & Alex’s Crumb of the Month so they can be publicly shamed?

Remember that time a kid from your school ate 10 Big Macs and spewed at assembly?  Neither do we. That’s because until now there hasn’t been a podcast segment to celebrate the small but wonderful moments that captivate a whole town.  We want to hear about all the random, bizarre and brilliant moments, that had your whole town talking.

Is there a very specific thought that makes you squirm?  Something that no one else understands?  Like thinking about the sound polystyrene makes when you pull it out of a box.  We want to hear about them!  The weirder and more specific the better.

Do you have a job that people don’t understand?  Do you work in an industry that is often misunderstood?  Matt & Alex would love to talk to people working in interesting jobs.  We can change your name and voice to protect your anonymity.

Is your workplace or friendship group gripped by a mystery that no one can figure out?  An incident that has created speculation and blame amongst all those involved?  Just by listening to true crime podcasts and watching episodes The Mentalist, Matt & Alex guarantee a resolution to the case (…or at the very least some unsubstantiated blame and defamation….)

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